What would be the best course of action in becoming a mixed martial arts fighter?



I want to get into MMA, like UFC and stuff like that. I have no prior experience in organized fighting. What would be some good first steps for me to take in learning how to fight mixed martial arts? Do i need to learn karate or something?

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I have one question. Are you a fighter and have a dream of being the best one day? Or do you just see the money and fame? Ill tell you how I got started. I did take taekwondo when i was 9 but its not necessary. When i was 16 i started weight lifting and really got into it and bought a boxing bag and speed bag and a jump rope to train at home. I would start by doing some weight lifting so you at least have a base. Next, find local MMA gyms which will vary all over the place and dont hesitate to go into one and ask if they have a free trial. Most gyms offer anywhere from 1 week to a month free to train there to see if you like it. Be sure to let your trainer know that you are interested in competing. From there lots of gyms have there own fight teams and they should take care of the rest for you. Over time you will be able to move up in competition and bigger organizations and get your name out there. But i will tell you that guys on t.v. make it look extremely easy. You will know within the first week wether or not its what you want to pursue or not. Best of luck to you and have fun with it!


first step get into a legitimate MMA training gym and start training. Train for a couple years see where your at, and your coaches will know if your ready to fight or not. Then they’ll find you some amateur fights, and if you do very good in those, you make a pro debut, and then go from there. UFC is to MMA what NFL is to Football. Only elite level fighters make it to the UFC.


your most likely… what, 15. so if your still in school and have not dropped out yet, go join the wrestling team and if your done with school go join some type of combative sport mma gym, boxing gym, grapplers gym or something that involves actual fighting… screw karate or TDK, you’ll be blocking and punching for the next year while the kid in the mma class just got the advanced class to kicking your @ss… good luck.

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