What would be the best martial arts/mixed martial arts for hand on hand combat?


David T asked:

I’m looking to start training in some sort of martial arts program. I would like to learn one of the best forms of martial arts/mixed Martial used for hand on hand combat and defense again weapons.

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The Shihan

IIt depends on the teacher. A established Karate class could be more of a legitimate mixed martial arts class then a class instructor that thinks he knows mixed martial arts, but has no legitimate training. Traditional arts teach how to get out of any situation, it the instructor is good. When you check out a class look at the walls. What do the certificates say. If they are dated back to the 80′s early 90′s this guy could teach you something. Keep looking at the walls, are there trophey’s? If there are then it would apear he has proven himself in the ring or on the mat and he ain’t just hot air. The best form of martial art depends mostly on the teacher and student.

Shark Finn

ningitsu – become a ninja!!


it all depends on how much your into it and how hard you train for example i train in taekwondo and im only an orange belt (white, yellow, gold, orange, green, blue, purple, red, brow, brown/black, black) and the assistant instructor says im better with all my kicks then a brown/black belt in my class but it also depends on the instructor mine is a forth degree black belt and he is like 40 so the older the more experianced he is so look for rewards or trophys in the class by the way if your more interested in punches go with karate on the other hand if you like kicks more go with taekwondo taekwondo trains 80% kicks and 20% punches
and karate is 50-50


Krav Maga!!! It teaches defenses against headlocks, chokes, bearhugs, guns and knives. All of what it sounds like what you are looking for.


a kempo/jujitsu hybrid.


Wing Chun is an excellent option. Another good option could be Hapkido. It combines striking techniques similar to Tae Kwon Do and throws, chokes and grappling similar to Judo, Jujitsu and Aikido for an extremely effective self defense style. Weapons training and defense is drilled regularly.


People are different, thats why there are so many different styles of martial arts. Choose one that suites your personality and the goals that you want to achieve. Better to spend more time looking for a teacher than to jump right in and waste time with the wrong one for you. Personlly I recomend Wing Chun but even that is not for everyone.
Also consider Western Boxing.


Find a legitimate MMA school.

Go there and enjoy. No single style covers everything.

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